Berkeley Lab Onboarding

Welcome to Berkeley Lab

The Berkeley Lab Onboarding Program is designed to provide you with tools and resources necessary to acclimate you to the Lab and guide you to information applicable to your new role. This program provides all new staff with consistent information that reflects Berkeley Lab as a whole organization and will help you to quickly feel like a productive member of the Lab community.

Please work with your supervisor or HR Division Partner should you have any questions about the Onboarding program.

Coming to a Lab site for the first time?

Refer to the Know Before You Go tab on the Onboarding Activities Checklist for helpful tips and information to prepare for your visit.

Additional information can be found at the Return to Lab Sites.

Goals of the Berkeley Lab Onboarding Program:

  • Represents Berkeley Lab as a whole

  • Supports on-site, satellite, and remote workers

  • Is flexible for all types of employees and affiliates

  • Provides a consistent onboarding process for both the new staff and supervisor

  • Enhances the experience of new staff

  • Helps new staff feel included and become productive members of the Lab Community

Getting Started

I'm New to the Lab:

For all new staff members

New Supervisor

For all newly hired or promoted supervisors

I'm an Onboarder:

For Supervisors of new staff and Onboarding Partners