I'm New to the Lab

As a new staff member to the lab, this website is designed to guide you through key activities and provide you the tools and resources necessary to acclimate you to the lab and your new role. Information is broken into phases of learning over the course of up to one year:

  • Orient (1st Month)

  • Integrate (2nd - 5th Months)

  • Excel (6th - 12 Months)

For those hired into a supervisory role or will be working in a research area, there are additional onboarding activities for you to complete based on these roles.


(1st month)

  • Review Berkeley Lab's Stewardship responsibilities and learn what is expected of the Lab community members

  • Learn about Berkeley Lab's Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accountability office and how you can support, participate, and practice using IDEAS in Action

  • Safety is a core value of Berkeley Lab. As you begin your work at Berkeley Lab you will become an essential contributor to the Lab's robust and continuously improving safety culture. Lab Director Michael Witherell is committed to everyone's workplace safety and notes that, "We have a rich safety culture here and I want to build upon that by asking each of you to think about how safety factors into everything you do." If you have any question about safety or your ergonomic needs, please reach out to your supervisor.


(2-5 months)

  • Complete additional trainings related to safety, policies, processes, procedures, resources, communication guidelines & terminology

  • Prepare for and attend Probationary Review or performance feedback discussion with your supervisor.

  • For a deeper cultural immersion, join an employee resource group(s), attend Lab events, and seek network-building opportunities through various employee activities


(6-12 months)

In addition to completing the above activities, please review the below resources if you hold these additional roles